Company Profile

Polymertal develops cutting-edge metal plating processes, enabling the marketing of cost/effective hybrid metal-polymer parts.

Rising to the demanding needs of the Aerospace/Space/Automotive/communication industry, we assembled a multi-disciplinary development team and built a learning organization that continuously gather information from the market/industry, to keep advancing our technology for the benefit of our customers.

We, at Polymertal, understand that customers can reach their serial-production stage from various entry points, and craft our solution strategy accordingly.

We offer a Pre-production Testing Stage

During the Proof-of-Concept stage, Polymertal produces lab-samples or a small series of functional prototypes. The customer can involve different teams in this process to confirm the product for serial-production. If and when a customer has doubts regarding unknown areas of plating or bonding, this process can meet said doubts and prove the plating process achievability.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in Metal Plating on Polymers as a replacement for Metal Parts.

Our Values

Our corporate values direct us within the company, in our relationship with business partners, life within the communities we belong to and communicating with each other:

  • Customer Centricity

  • Integrity

  • Aiming at the highest quality possible

  • People first

Designers and engineers can test their work more frequently and accurately, thereby moving to serial production with confidence. Product managers can shrink time to market while turning-out better products.

  • Hybrid Molds

  • Hybrid RF element
  • Hybrid Components And Electronic Cases
  • Plating service and 3D object surface smoothing