Company Profile

Polymertal bring a new technology concept of metal plating process.
Knowing the needs of the industry from the inside, we established a unique development team that is eager to help us absorb technology on site, anywhere and everywhere it is required.

As a learning organization, we constantly gather information from various sources throughout the globe, and utilize it for our customers benefit.

The overall solution strategy which Polymertal employs, is reflected in our perception that our potential clients can reach the mass production stage from various entry points.

Our clients have the option to initiate a preproduction testing stage.

This “Proof of concept” stage, will produce Lab samples or small quantities in a process that involves the different teams to confirm the product for mass production. This stage is crucial for clients that are unsure or are reluctant to enter an unknown area of bonding and plating as it will prove beyond any doubt the achievability of the process.

Our Vision

The innovations that are about to take us one step forward are right in front of us. We just need to open our eyes. The challenges in the metal conductor industry inspired us to open our eyes and explore alternatives.
Our whole new process of bonding, coating and plating plastics in metal, creates outstanding adhesive abilities, with exceptional accuracy, durability and quality.

Our Values

Part of create success and quality company, the founder define several values that guide us the way we work with our business partners, within our communities and with each other.

  • Customer Centricity

  • The employees
  • Integrity

  • Hybrid Molds

  • Hybrid RF element
  • Hybrid Components And Electronic Cases
  • Plating service and 3D object surface smoothing