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Hybrid Components And Electronic Case

Polymertal’s unique solutions allow lightweight and composite structures to be utilized as if they were metal parts, saving tremendous weight, cost and time and providing the tools to handle the challenges of platforms operating in the unique environment of high altitudes and space.

Polymertal is working with leading companies in the Aerospace, Space, Defense industry to test and qualify combined composite and metal materials as building materials for future platforms.

Ultimate Alternative To Metal Parts.

Polymertal’s solutions are ideal for Rugged computers, Ammunition boxes, communications and electronics enclosures, and composite structures for unmanned and manned platforms, among many other applications providing them with:

  • Increased mechanical strength (up to the level specified by the customer)

  • Increased stiffness

  • Barrier Layer (from humidity, chemicals, fumes…)

  • ESD Prevention

  • Hybrid Molds

  • Hybrid RF element
  • Hybrid Components And Electronic Cases
  • Plating service and 3D object surface smoothing