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We at Polymertal, employ state of the art technology as well as process toensure quality products. Our facilities can accommodate any order within the spectrum of our expertise and deliver the final product to the customer in a timely manner.

We are aware of the environment and are part of the growing movement that is protecting it by utilizing the latest procedures to protect the environment.

Roboze Form an Alliance with Polymertal for Hybrid Products Solutions Based on Metal Plating Process

The combination of Roboze’s advanced thermos-plastics 3D parts metal plated by Polymertal, will provide a unique value proposition and will enlarge the spectrum of possible advanced applications, supporting weight and cost reduction, and shorter product lead-time.

3D printer – to enhance a unique plating process to be applied to Roboze’s metal replacement techno-polymers focusing on PEEK, PEI & CARBON-PA.

Polymertal has developed a unique technology

for Surfaces treatment of the 3D Printer products.

Technology Advantage:

  • Surface Smoother
  • Porosity sealing
  • Object reinforce

These two abilities lead us to develop hybrid products that allow metal plating on 3D printer products in the highest quality.

  • Hybrid Molds

  • Hybrid RF element
  • Hybrid Components And Electronic Cases
  • Plating service and 3D object surface smoothing